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Schedule of Upcoming Events



Ballinamona's XC course and showjumping arenas can be booked for training as follows: 

  • Indoor arena with a set show-jumping course - €20 - 1 hour - ONLINE BOOKING ONLY
  • Outdoor arena with a set show-jumping course - €20 - 1 hour - ONLINE BOOKING ONLY 
  • XC schooling on grass and all weather track - €30 - 1 hour - call / text Catherine - details below. 


  1. Select "Calendar Bookibsp;
  2. Select your arena of choice and click "book" (Indoor may be booked by hour from 9 am to 7 pm, outdoor arena may be booked from 9 am to 5 pm until May 1st)
  3. Select the date and time you would like to school
  4. Select the number of horses you intend to school (max is two horses per 1 hour timeslot. if you are a single rider schooling more than 2 horses, then populate the next sequentional timeslot as required)
  5. Click "book" against the timeslots you've chosen
  6. Complete the contact information form and T&C's, then click "Add to Cart"
  7. When you've finished selecting your bookings, you can complete your purchase from the "checkout" as normal by credit/debit card.
  8. *Schooling is €20 per horse per hour for both indoor and outdoor arenas
  9. For group bookings call 087 6847752 directly to arrange*


  • Riders must sign a disclaimer and pay their fees PRIOR to unloading horses from boxes or lorries. 
  • Riders under 18yrs must have disclaimer signed by parent / guardian or owner AND be accompanied by an adult when schooling
  • All riders must comply with Government Covid-19 guidelines - wear masks at all times - and adhere to the 2m social distancing requirements.
  • Hygiene: Please use the hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser provided before and after your training session - while maintaining social distancing at all times. 
  • Multiple Rides: riders with multiple rides will be given 1 hour per horse and are asked to return home immediately after your session / once your allocated time slot is over. 
  • BRING YOUR MOBILE PHONE: All participants should have their mobile phones with them during training / schooling. 

PRE BOOKING  - FOR XC ONLY (SHOWJUMPING ARENAS MUST BE BOOKED ON https://www.itsplainsailing.com/org/Ballinamona

  • All riders must book in advance for XC 
  • Call or text Catherine on 086-2687664Please only use this number for XC bookings - and NOT for Showjumping arena bookings. 
  • Allocated Time slots will be 1 hour per horse for SJ and XC from the time of arrival. Please be on time and adhere to the timeslot. 
  • Please do NOT book a slot and / or cancel at short notice or not show up


  • PRIOR to unloading - Payment is to be made to the person on duty in the yard - please use the envelopes provided and write your full name and mobile number clearly on front   
  • Please ensure that Horse boxes are parked at designated spaces - which are clearly marked by cones / bollards - to ensure distancing is maintained at all times between vehicles